Hi my name is Jasmine! Two weeks ago I spoke to a kid named Mezyah, a first grader, into coming to the youth center. Before, we use to play outside all the time and then one day I told his grandma that I am a CPC (Colossal Piece Crew) at the South Street Youth Center. I asked Mezyah how he would feel about coming to the center if I was there all the time and I told him all the fun things we would do at the youth center. He then said he would like to go but only if I was there. I told his grandma and she approved. Mezyah also told his grandma about how he wanted to go and about the fun things he would do here. I was able to convince both mom and grandma that Mezyah should come. Now he is a part of the center and is having a lot of fun. I really feel like that’s a huge plus because I brought someone new to the South Street Youth Center.

niza pic for blog octotober 2014