So-Not-Happening Yard Sale 2020

Let’s get together while we stay apart!

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You are cordially invited to the So-Not-Happening South Street Youth Center Annual Yard Sale. Consider yourself spared of a COVID-19 exposure opportunity! Since we can’t gather in person, we’d like to invite you for a virtual visit to the Youth Center on the day the yard sale would have happened! Please join us on Zoom on Saturday, June 13 from 4-5 PM (please email us for the password at Our youth and kids are creating a program of:

  • solo singing
  • hands-on demos of health and beauty projects you can “DIY” at home
  • storytelling: hear how our young people keep their community strong and healthy in these times.

Need some inspiration in these difficult times? Look no further! Log onto Zoom to join us on June 13 (please email us for the password at Our youth and families need your support now more than ever. Even if you can’t join us, we ask that you consider giving now as you are able.